Jaylene Strawbridge
Jaylene Strawbridge




August 19, 1995

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Dirty Blonde

First Appearance:

Season 1: Episode 1: The COllege of Winterhold



Best Friend:



Buck Strawbridge (Father)

Sarah Strawbridge (Mother)

Pierce Washington (Adopted Father)

Lauren Washington (Adopted Mother)

Gina Washington (Adopted Older Sister)

Sasha Washington (Adopted Older Sister)


No information

Last Appearance:

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Jaylene Strawbridge nicknamed Epic Cutie because she loves a good book. She is best friends with Joelle and love to hang out at mall and buy clothes and gossip about the boys. Jaylene has the power of Sky. 

Jaylene's BiographyEdit

Jaylene 2

Jaylene Strawbridge

Jaylene is a kind-hearted, easily impressed, adventurous, loves the outdoors and family-oriented kind of girl, she doesn't who her father is but her mother is always there to feed Jaylene and love Jaylene when her father is not around Jaylene's mother. Jaylene's mother didn't want to tell the father because he is a criminal and Jaylene's mother didn't want to an useless father and want her to commit crimes with him so she will tell him when Jaylene is 18 so she can her own responsibility because she'll be older enough, Jaylene is desperate to ask her mother what her father is like and she wants to meet her father and mother together someday. She is adopted by one of her father's best friends Pierce Washington who is very famous which is Sasha's father and Sasha loves Jaylene as a adopted sister since their good friends at school.


Jaylene 3

Jaylene Strawbridge

Jaylene has dirty blonde hair, grey eyes, and a medium skin tone.

Jaylene's TriviaEdit

  • Nickname: Epic Cutie
  • Pet: 4 cats called Fluffy, Whiskers, Tiffany and Bella
  • Zobiac: Leo (August 19)
  • Lucky Number: 15
  • Favourite Colour: Periwinkle
  • Favourite Movies: Glitter
  • Favourite Books: Justin Bieber: First Step 2 Forever and Adventure and Drama books
  • Favourite Food: Salad
  • Favourite Smoothie: Lime
  • Favourite Music: Pop, Rock, R&B and Justin Bieber
  • Favourite Class: Music
  • Fashion Passion: Dark-Coloured Clothes with belts and cute boots
  • Shoppin' Style: When she sees something that she looks good in she gets it