Katie Stone
Katie Stone
Katie Stone




August 25, 1998

Eye Colour:

Light Brown

Hair Colour:

Light Brown

First Appearance:

Season 1: Episode 1: The College of Winterhold



Best Friend:



Martin Stone (Father)

Tersea Stone (Mother)

Kelly Stone (Older Sister)

Bella Stone (Older Sister)

Mikayla Stone (Older Sister)


No information

Last Appearance:

No information

Katie Stone nicknamed Sweetheart because of her sweet heart to everyone and always helping out people who need help. She is best friends with Roxxi which love to hang out whenever they can.

Katie's BiographyEdit

Katie is a kind-hearted, adventurous, loyal, handy, brave, green thumb and family-oriented sort of girl. Katie is always up for a challenge, she is always detemined to do something fun and exciting. Katie loves hanging with friends and family and likes to help everyone with anything if they need lots of help. Katie always helps until the job is done. Katie will never give up until the job is completed. She is always a great friend to keep and be around with. Katie is an in need and helps with your problems kind of girl. Katie loves to enjoy the nice great outdoors and weather when she has the chance.


Katie has light brown eyes, light brown hair, a beauty mark under her right eye and has a tan skin tone.

Katie's TriviaEdit

  • Nickname: Sweetheart
  • Zobiac: Virgo (August 25)
  • Lucky Number: 86
  • Favourite Colour: Red
  • Favourite Movies: College Road Trip
  • Favourite Books: Romantic Comedies
  • Favourite Food: Pizza, Burgers and Hotdogs.
  • Favourite Smoothie: Raspberry and Strawberry
  • Favourite Music: Pop
  • Favourite Class: Creative Writing and Art
  • Fashion Passion: Anything red and girly!
  • Shoppin' Style: Any store with girly clothing