Sophia Delgado

Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado
Sophia Delgado




December 19, 1995

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Golden Blonde

First Appearance:

Season: 1 Episode 2: Mysterious Books



Best Friend:



Hector X. Delgado (Father)

Sarah Delgado (Mother)

Selena Delgado (Younger Sister)


No information

Last Appearance:

No information

Sophia Delgado nicknamed Popular Princess because she's popular and wears the simular clothes of Bella and Sasha like a copycat crew. Sophia is best friends with Bella and loves to hang with Bella alot whenever Bella's done organizing what to wear for the day.

Sophia's BiographyEdit

Sophia is a nice and friendly but she likes to impress people with her sense of style by wearing the simular clothes as Bella Sophia's best friend. Sophia is also loving and caring and looks out for her little sister Selena and helps out with anyone's problems. When Sophia is not busy you can find her shopping at the mall or hanging with her little sister Selena or studying or hanging with Bella or on her laptop playing games.


Sophia has blue eyes, golden blonde hair and a light skin tone.

Sophia's TriviaEdit

  • Nickname: Popular Princess
  • Pet: 1 Parrot which is her dad's pet called Polly
  • Zobiac: Sagittarius (December 19)
  • Lucky Number: 98
  • Favourite Colour: Black
  • Favourite Movies: Mean Girls 1 and 2
  • Favourite Books: The Unstoppable Ramona And Beezus and The Trouble With Ramona And Beezus
  • Favourite Food: Blackberries
  • Favourite Smoothie: Blackberry
  • Favourite Music: Heavy Metal, Rock, Punk and Pop
  • Favourite Class: English, Creative Writing and Art
  • Fashion Passion: Anything Black with glitter and sparkle
  • Shoppin' Style: Stores that have sparkly clothing


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