Tessa Ronalds
Tessa Ronalds




September 25, 1995

Eye Colour:


Hair Colour:

Platinum Blonde

First Appearance:

Season 1: Episode 23: The Wand



Best Friend:

Skye and Rose


Phillip Ronalds (Father)

Charli Ronalds (Mother)


No information

Last Appearance:

No information

Tessa Ronalds nicknamed Pretty Prankster because she's always making her friends laugh because of the way she makes everyone around her laugh she is loves to make her friends laugh. She is very funny and, like Jade, has a great sense of humour. She is best friends with Rose and Skye and love to hang out at the library, the spa and the mall when they have some spare time to hang out.

Tessa's BiographyEdit

Tessa 2

Tessa Ronalds

Tessa is a park-loving, artistic, easily impressed, outgoing, loves the outdoors and adventurous, friendly, family-oriented sort of girl, she's always on the look out for new adventure. She also loves feeding the ducks at the park. She also loves to hang out with her friends and family when she isn't busy, she's a great and exciting friend to keep because she's great to have around since she is full of energy, there for you, and is there when you need her.


Tessa has platinum blonde hair, green eyes, freckles and a medium tan skin tone.

Tessa's TriviaEdit

  • Tessa 3

    Tessa Ronalds

    Pretty Prankster
  • Zobiac: Libra (September 25)
  • Lucky Number: 89
  • Favourite Colour: Yellow
  • Favourite Movies: The Last Song
  • Favourite Books: Fairy School Drop-Out: Undercover
  • Favourite Food: Corn
  • Favourite Smoothie: Banana
  • Favourite Music: R&B
  • Favourite Class: P.E.
  • Fashion Passion: Bright colours with high heels
  • Shoppin' Style: When she sees something bright she looks good in she gets it


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